Mother Nature Association 



We are a community of mothers, women, and professionals supporting mothers, from various backgrounds, including doulas, midwives, theraists, women circle leaders, and facilitators. 

We are developing communities, empowering women, and fighting for gender equality. 

We gather online,  we have members, and participants from around the world. Mothers from the countryside and capitals, and abroad.


We work mainly in Hungarian, our events in Hungarian.
We are part of the international network. Join our Hungarian events and International projects! 


Where it started?

an international project


MotherNature Association was established in February 2020 in Hungary by a group of mothers who joined an international project called similar. The network grew out of a European strategic partnership project (Erasmus+), started in 2017.

The partnership worked with mothers and professionals across Europe, gathering their experiences and wisdom about the experience of motherhood.

We believe that the motherhood is an informal learning process. We support mothers, women in 3 main areas:

  • Personal development as a mother, as women
  • Support Mompreneurship, Women Entrepreneurship
  • Develop national and international network within mother cicles, women leaders and women communities.

All activities based on a main principal of ecological sustainability.
MotherNature Associaiton is an active member of the Mother Centers International Network for Empowerment and maintains active relationships with national and other international NGOs in its sector.

Motherhood as a changing path

A mother is not the same woman she was before having children; motherhood changes the whole world around women fundamentally. The changes range from brain function, and physical, mental and physical functioning to changes in career, financial security, and social relationships. This development is called Matrescence.

We, as mothers feel lonely during this life-changing path. Alone, more than ever.
This is why we created Online MotherCircles. To support each other during this unique transformation.

Our Activities:

  • Online Mother Circles
  • Online Thematic Women Circles
  • MotherNature Card Deck
  • Online Training Courses for MotherCircles Facilitators

We use the Nature as a co-parent, using nature-based learning methods.

We see motherhood as an important informal learning process so we see mothers as adult learners. We use facilitated group work, the way of circle, involving nature-based learning methods, and non-verbal methods such art-work as methods.



Support Mompreneurs

Our Mompreneurs section was founded on the vision of balancing personal and professional lives for mothers. To empower mothers through entrepreneurial education and mompreneurship to help members to find balance and success in their personal and professional lives.
How many new skills and abilities do women acquire during motherhood?
Time management, logistics, negotiation techniques, financial management, administration, communication… the ability to reorganise… A set of very useful skills, acquired during a very mentally, physically and emotionally demanding period. We would like to encourage mothers to recognise and acknowledge these skills and put them to good use in their old or new, desired profession.

Mother Nature – Mompreneurs provides support to mompreneurs in Hungary.

  • Education through Palántázó (Planter) Programme: it helps mothers turn their entrepreneurial ideas into businesses. The programme is a series of online training sessions over 9 months, with one-to-one mentoring and supportive community. We support mothers in their first steps of entrepreneurship, helping them with our knowledge and experience to start and grow their business.
  • Community through our membership and events
  • Promotion through a directory, in our community and events

International Projects

Empowered women building resilient communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Project supported Visegrad4 Fund 


The project builds on the transfer of experience from the Visegrad countries towards Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mother and community
centres are pillars of local societies in Czechia, Hungary and Slovakia. The project include two educational workshops on the
establishment of formal and informal mother centres in BIH, and later the participants will implement their small project ideas under the
local and international mentorship to spread the skills and knowledge further in their communities. Within the project, we will also publish a publication on mother centres establishment in BIH.

We are providing training courses and mentorship to women to start their own social communities, Mother Centers, social entreprises.
Training courses: October 2022 and February 2023. Bosnia Herzegovina.
Partners: Bosnia Hercegovina (Mother centre Plamen) , Slovakia (Materské centrum Nováčik), Czech Republic ( KreBul, o.p.s.), Hungary
Media: local tv Smart Televizija, Zavidovici

Let’s Build Bridges

Digital competence expansion for the International Mothers Center Network (MINE)

Project is funded by the State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg

The international networking project managed by MINE, Mother Centers International Network for Empowerment  organization. MotherNature-Anyatermeszet Association is part of the international network.
We participated in the 2 years project, collected the knowledge of mother circles, mothers communities from the network.
Many online event, you can check it out in MINE website. 

MotherNature-Anyatermeszet Association visited Stuttgart Mother Centers in the project (MüZe, Mutterzentrum Süd, Stuttgart)
Find out more here:
FB video1, FB video2



Consolidating Community Building in Public Living Rooms – Project funded by Erasmus+

The ‘Consolidating Community Building in Public Living Rooms’ project funded by Erasmus+ is an initiative aimed at fostering community spirit and enhancing adult education within self-managed local spaces. Over the course of 19 months, starting from September 2023, we focus on making knowledge about public living rooms widely available, improving the quality of adult education offered in these spaces, and ensuring the sustainable management of such community hubs.

Project Timeframe:
19 Months (1st September 2023 – 31st March 2025)
Project Code: 2023-1-NL01-KA210-ADU-000153549

The project’s concrete objectives are to analyze the mechanics of community organizing within public living rooms, evaluate and enhance educational quality across nine key dimensions, and develop methods to facilitate the transfer of organizational knowledge to future community leaders.

By the end of the project, we aim to have a comprehensive analysis of public living room dynamics, a set of evaluated and refined educational tools, and strategies in place to maintain the continuity of these community spaces. Moreover, we anticipate strengthened cooperation and networking between participating organizations.

Participating Organizations:
Stichting Nest! (Netherlands)
MINE Mütterzentren Internationales Netzwerk für Empowerment e.V. (Germany)
Mother Nature – Anyatermészet Egyesület (Hungary)
UMC Únia materských centier (Slovakia)
Síť pro rodinu (Czech Republic)

Each organization brings its unique expertise and commitment to the project, ensuring a diverse and rich contribution towards the shared goals.

Stay tuned to our website for updates and progress on this transformative journey.